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Tell SOS Cegavske to make the primary election accessible!

Recently, Nevada Secretary of State, Barbara Cegavske, announced the transition to an all-vote-by-mail system due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While voting by mail will allow many voters to cast their ballot safely, a system that does not allow a reasonable in-person voting option will disenfranchise untold numbers of voters. This is because they may not receive a ballot due to being an inactive voter or a recent change of address. Others may have difficulty understanding or trusting the integrity of the new system either because of a disability, a language barrier, or other structural barriers to reliable postal service. Their only option to vote in-person would be a single vote center located in each county, meaning they risk long wait times and putting their health at risk to participate in our democracy. 

We're asking Secretary Cegavske to revisit her plan to include:
- More in-person vote centers
- Ballots mailed to ALL voters, not just those listed as active
- Robust measures to verify addresses and match signatures 
- Allowing the collection and delivery of mail ballots to vote centers

If you agree, add your name to help us push for a more accessible 2020 primary election!

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